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Samsung Semi-Conductor Site – Taylor, TX

LocationTaylor, TXAcres100ZoningETJ / Opportunity ZoneShare

An Exciting Opportunity
“What makes the Taylor project so exciting is its potential to positively impact the lives of people around the world and in its own backyard.

Set to break ground in 2022 with the goal of launching operations in 2024, our Taylor facility will boost the production of semiconductor solutions that will power next-generation technologies in areas like 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC). With greater manufacturing capacity, we will be able to better serve the needs of our customers and contribute to the stability of the global semiconductor supply chain.

For Taylor, located less than 30 minutes from the Texas state capital of Austin, our investment will bring thousands of new jobs and valuable training. Together with our existing manufacturing site in Austin, the facility will allow us to open up exciting opportunities for Central Texans for years to come.” – Samsung Electronics Co.

Economic Development Impact
“Let’s take a moment to put the sheer size of this investment in perspective. Since 1996, Samsung has invested $18 billion in total for the Austin site. Samsung plans to invest a minimum $17 billion in this build-out – $6 billion in buildings and other real property improvements, and $11 billion in machinery and equipment.

The economic impact for Taylor and Williamson County will be substantial. For reference, Samsung Austin Semiconductor had a $6.3 billion total economic impact in Central Texas in 2021, supporting nearly 10,000 jobs and producing more than $546 million in salaries. This additional investment in the region will multiply that.

These incentives will boost city and county funds, producing long-term benefits for the community and positive implications for Taylor’s overall development. The purchasing of goods and services from businesses and individuals in Taylor will further boost the area’s economic development.” – Samsung Electronics Co.

“Samsung Austin Semiconductor understands the importance of being a good corporate neighbor. As such, we will work with our actual neighbors, partners, elected officials and the Taylor community to create an environment where we can all grow and thrive.

We are committed to working through any of the concerns that our neighbors have. We will continue our community outreach and provide construction updates throughout the process.

We chose Taylor because we believed the opportunity here met the business, talent and community needs we sought throughout our search. We love Taylor’s charm and will help preserve the qualities that everyone loves about this town.

Beginning in 2022, Samsung Austin Semiconductor will be making annual charitable contributions to the Taylor community averaging at least $300,000 each year.” – Samsung Electronics Co.

The 100-acres of undeveloped land are located across from Samsung’s $17 billion-dollar semi-conductor factory, within an opportunity zone and the ETJ! Located just outside the Taylor, TX city limits – not in flood plains – this is what “perfect” looks like, and it is ripe for a premier world-class commercial/residential/mixed-use development.

There is currently a land lease in place (pipe yard storage) for 22 acres until 12/31/2023 – generating monthly income.

“At Samsung Austin Semiconductor, we’re committed to creating a bright future and a more prosperous community. It’s a commitment to putting people first – one that drives us to find ways to combine innovation with opportunities. Each new manufacturing facility we build helps us develop technologies that will unlock the experiences of tomorrow and allows us to make a difference in peoples’ lives today. The new facility we’re building in Taylor, Texas is an extension of our ongoing commitment. We believe the new site in Taylor will bridge our 26-year history in Central Texas with a hopeful future full of possibility. Bringing new jobs and valuable training opportunities, our investment in Taylor—Samsung’s largest-ever in the U.S.— will build supply chain resilience of crucial logic chips while contributing to the development of the local community.” – Samsung Electronics Co.

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